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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an alarm system work?

An alarm system “sends signals” or communicates through your existing phone lines. When one of the devices (Door Contact, Motion Detector, Glass Break Detector etc.) is activated, it sends a signal to the control panel letting it know there is an issue. If the alarm code is not correctly entered in the specific time allotted, the control panel seizes the phone line and dials out to the Granite CMS (Central Monitoring Station) which operates 24/7/365 days a year to let them know the alarm has been activated. The Granite CMS then calls the premise back to confirm this is not a false alarm. If it is not a false alarm, the Granite CMS dispatches the proper local authorities immediately and informs the first point of contact on your call sheet that the alarm has been activated.

If my phone lines are not working, can the alarm system still communicate with Granite's Central Monitoring Station?

If your land lines are not working or you are at a place of business where land lines are not available, Granite offers back up cellular service for a nominal fee. This consists of a cellular unit that is connected to the alarm control panel and works just like your cellular phone. When Granite's CMS needs to be contacted, it dials out through your cellular unit seamlessly to inform them the alarm has been activated.

I have several businesses I want to add CCTV (Close Circuit Television) to, is it possible to view the cameras from a remote location?

Yes you can. As a business owner, we know employee productivity is higher when you are in the office. We also know that you can not be in all locations all the time. The next best way to do this is to have cameras set up in your businesses to view the areas you deem critical. This is done over the internet using IP addresses and software. Granite offers a comprehensive line of CCTV products that our qualified technicians can program to enable you to view all your cameras from remote locations from just about anywhere. If you can connect to the internet, you can view your cameras.

I have noticed lately the manager who is supposed to set the alarm when they leave the building at night has forgotten. Is there any way I can be sure that the alarm will always be set even if they forget?

Yes there is. Granite offers the ability to have scheduled openings and closings. You inform us of the scheduled opening and closing time of your business and if the alarm is not armed or disarmed within the parameters you set, Granite can arm or disarm the system from the CMS, taking away any anxiety of making sure you business is fully protected.

With my current card access system I have to physically be in my office to make any access changes. Is there any way I can do this remotely?

Yes there is, Granite offers a comprehensive line of access control equipment that uses a web browser as well as traditional PC based software. These systems are modular and expandable to fit your business needs. With the web browser based interface you do not need a dedicated PC, simply log on and you are ready to make changes, securely from anywhere.

My company has locations all over the country. How would the billing work?

Granite would customize the billing to suit your needs. Granite offers our customers the option of receiving one consolidated bill at the corporate level or individual bills separated and detailed by location. No matter which option you choose, Granite will provide the customized information to keep your company running efficiently.

Why should I choose Granite as my loss prevention provider?

Granite works differently than most other providers. Customers are assigned a Premier Account Manager as a single point of contact for all issues. The Premier Account Manager works closely with you for any additions or changes as well as any issues or problems that may occur with your account. Simply put, Granite offers one point of contact for all of your customer service needs. Also, by choosing Granite’s comprehensive suite of loss prevention solutions, our customers see dramatic costs savings and a decrease of administrative burdens with: one point of contact, one bill customized to fit your needs, one company offering nationwide service, coast to coast.

  • One Point of Contact
  • One Bill Customized to Fit Your Needs
  • One Company Offering Nationwide Service, Coast to Coast