Granite offers state of the art intrusion detection products and systems that are professionally built and installed on open platforms and are easily integrated with other Granite solutions.  This creates the most effective system available in the industry, ensuring the protection of your assets, staff and clients at all times.

Intrusion Detection Systems can:

  • Help to protect all your business locations from unauthorized entry and theft
  • Include features such as hold-up and duress buttons, motion sensors and window and door protection
  • Help identify critical conditions such as high and low temperatures and water penetration

Granite's Intrusion Detection System choices include:

  • Burglar alarm system monitoring
  • Hold–up and panic button/signal monitoring
  • Environmental condition monitoring
  • Remote or scheduled arming and disarming of each system
  • Passive area motion detection or point to point controlled motion detection for harsher environments
  • Audio discriminators for area glass break detection
  • Scheduled and/or system activated lighting control

Granite offers premier support and service programs for all of our Intrusion Detection Products and Systems, including:

  • Installation
  • Service and Repair
  • Inspection and Testing